Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started well like all the others in beautiful sunny BVI. We ate cereal for breakfast before sailing off towards our dive. As part of the Dolphin voyage, Will, Nick, and I worked on our worksheets, surprisingly well as we completed our underwater research project. We came up with the idea to study the coverage of algae, sponges and corals on the mooring lines boats dock too. Then it began to rain, but we didn’t let that ruin our day. The whole boat watched some hilarious cheesy action movie from the 2000s. Then the rain ceased, and we decided to play one of our favorite things – we stood on the trampoline on the bow of the boat, and when a big swell came, we would all jump up at the peak and stay in the air for a solid three seconds. Eventually, the rain came back, and we retreated inside. I took a nice long boat nap, and when I woke up, we had reached our dive site, the Wreck of the Rhone. Due to the conditions, we quickly descended after entering the water. Underwater me and my dive buddy, Will, spotted many fish we hadn’t seen before. After our ascent, we had bean soup for lunch (cooked by Keally and Clayton, with the help from Reed). Post lunch, we sailed back to where we started. Following the sail, we took a casual snorkel where I got to practice my free diving. JR and I spotted a spotted moray (a play on words there) and lots of jacks, Christmas tree worms, and urchins. When we returned to the boat, Will, Nic, and I were allowed to call Changes In Latitude to learn how to catch and tag turtles (which we will do tomorrow). A decent amount of shipmates went wake-boarding, and Angel got up on her first time! Then we had Caesar salad with risotto which was improvised by Keally successfully. Now I sit here and write the bog and the day isn’t even done yet. A night dive is planned for tonight will which be our second! Gotta prepare for that now!