Location: The Dogs

We woke up this morning at 7:00 am in our swinging hammocks and were told to grab our PFDs because we were moving. We set sail to the outstanding Coral Gardens. We completed our second navigation dive. In the Gatorade blue waters, we navigated a pentagon. Luckily, we all made it back to the vertex without getting lost. For those of you who have been diving, you know it’s the closest feeling to flying without an airplane. We continued to dive in Coral Gardens where there is an airplane wreck. We got to go inside the plane, which was a bit eerie, but just as beautiful. After we ascended back into real life, we ate a delicious lunch: mac n’ cheese by Davis. Because of the early wake up, which many of us, teens aren’t used to, we quickly fell asleep on our sail to the Chimneys while the compressor hummed in the background. Two hours later, we woke up for our second amazing dive of the day. We swam alongside vibrant fish. The coral looked as if it was reaching out to us. On our way back to our mooring spot, the Pure Joy shipmates joined us. The music blasted on the overhead boat speakers, and we danced the boat ride away. Gabbie and Keally made our dinner, which was so good. The beautiful day ended with a sorbet colored sunset. ActionQuest Day 6 = huge success.