Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started with an early trip to the Baths. Everyone was excited for the Baths. Despite the awful history of the Baths, the Baths are fun because it offers us an opportunity to explore outside of our living quarters. It was great to see everyone having fun and meeting people from other boats. Instead of climbing and jumping, I opted for the scenic option or strolling around. Next, we got to go to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. It was great to talk to my friends and family after a few days with no communication. Our boat then sailed to Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda. On the way, our boat worked on our rescue workbooks. It is a lot of work but the information is useful and it teaches me to be a better diver. Lastly, we did skills dive focused on distressed divers underwater. The best part of the day was just the fact that the boat started working as a team. After 5 days, our boat is really clicking.