Location: St Barths

We started the day by finishing off the sail downwind from Antigua to St. Barth’s. The watch team that ended the sail down was me, Bria, and Even and we started at 4:00 and ended at about 7:00 in the morning. On the way over we saw a really nice sunrise that was almost perfect and a great way to start the day off. We moored in Gustavia harbor by picking up a ball to stand by to make sure we had a spot on the dock to get water but unfortunately, we were too late and we didn’t get there in time, the dock was full. This meant we had to pick up the mooring ball and eat a breakfast of milk and cereal.We then got to get shuttled into the town. Everyone split up and the day of shopping began; I started by walking to the famous Crepe place, I had both an egg and apple tart crepe for lunch. After that, we went to go shopping in the town to get some really pricey clothes. Lots of people went to the beach but I wanted to explore the fort at the top of the hill and it was worth it because the views were excellent. As the shuttles came back at around 4, the chefs made some really good peanut chicken Pad Tai. We ended off the night with our written test for the advanced sailors.