Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

Today we got to start off sleeping in all the way to 7:30! Had an amazing breakfast of french toast cooked by Martin and Marissa. Afterward, we did our first underwater naturalist dive. This was one of my favorites. We saw tons of things including shrimps and even an octopus. I think this was the longest dive so far, reaching nearly an hour. “We saw more stuff on that dive than all week,” says Matt. After we left Mountain Point, we headed to Leverick Bay reaching water barely deep enough. Once we docked all 13 of us sat down to lunch that took forever to be made, literally over an hour. After our long but delicious lunch, we motored over to Vixen Point. We successfully anchored on the 3rd try. Soon after the Dolphins headed off to a mangrove snorkel. I saw barracuda and even some lobster. During this, the Neptunes got to enjoy an exhilarating lecture on boat diving. Afterward, all of the dive side people headed to the beach to play baby sea turtles. Here we had to climb through everyone’s legs and spin our heads on fenders, and while running back to the beach, we were tackled by staff (Editor’s Note: no worries parents everyone survived healthy, whole, and well). It was loads of fun and amazing to watch. After that, we headed back to the boat to shower and hang out. Now we are heading to the beach party. (Later that night) Just got back and it was a lot of fun! We all had a great time dancing and running around the beach. Our new shipmate won the dance contest. Now it’s off to bed so we can go to Anegada tomorrow!