Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

My eyes snapped open. The sun was already lighting up the sky so I knew i’d already slept in. I started to rub the sleep out of my eyes as I sat up. My sheets wrapped around me like wet plastic. Knowing I’d through the rain, I got up to start my day. Although I’d slept in, my crewmates were still sprawled across the boat sleeping in the most creative places. I grabbed my kindle and headed up to the cockpit to read. It’s day twelve of our 17-day voyage and we are all slightly sleep deprived by now. But we have made it this far so my hope is still strong. Music started to fill the boat as many people started getting up. By the time I came down mostly everyone was up. The air smelled like coffee and people migrated over to the breakfast table to started the morning, and think about what adventures the day holds for us. As soon as the sun climbed over the mountains we pulled anchor and set sail for the horizon. On our sail over, people did various things, from finding a place to sleep and relax to dancing under the booming speakers. We finally reached the playgrounds, a dive site with a high reputation. But before setting up our dive kit, we had to clean up our breakfast. This consisted of loud music, more dancing, then cleaning and a lot of smiles and laughter. But before we knew it, we were splashing in the water. The water felt relaxing and a nice break from the baking sun. We dove down and I knew instantly this would be my favorite dive. We finished our descent at around 55 feet. Looking up at the surface was like looking at a distant sky, instantly a 3-foot crevalle jack swam less than a foot from me. We made our way on seeing many large tarpon and barracuda. it started to feel like we were swimming through a sea of fish. In every direction I looked, I see ten different species of fish. After about half an hour, we surfaced and took apart our gear. For the next couple hours, we laid around socializing and sleeping, ready for our next adventure. After hours of pranks and laughter, we filled our bellies with mac and cheese and splashed soon after. This dive was even more exciting if possible! This was filled with more lionfish, lobsters and even a reef shark decided to pop by. We surfaced and unpacked our dive gear while the boat “Half A Bubble Off” decided to join us in a little half hour sail. Once we reached Sandy Spit, an island the size of 2 boats, the Dolphin group on our boat dissected a shark that sent a stench throughout the boat. Now I here writing this blog staring out into the endless ocean, watching the sun kiss the horizon. I look around and no longer see the faces of strangers but of life-long friends. As i write my final words, my first and final blog comes to an end here. We are packing into a small dingy and heading for a Sandy Spit. Once we get there we will see people from all the other boats and will have a BBQ party. I thank you for reading my blog, my modern day Shakespeare, someday the Mona Lisa in writing. For we have lived to sail another day, thank you all!