Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was the first day I woke up voluntarily and at first, I thought something was wrong because I had a great long sleep. We all woke up in unison and then had breakfast at 8 am which was followed by lunch at 11, the early lunch was due to going to port at 9 am and being able to get good food that was not made by the crew members. The early lunch led to a second lunch that was actually at lunchtime. Then we dove dead man’s chest and we were indulged by large schools of fish and we saw about 4 huge lobsters. We then surfaced and sailed to GHP and for dinner, we made “Mexican night” food and we were joined by the director, Mike, and I feel like we had a large conversation after dinner where we all learned something new about each other. Now the sun is setting and it is the perfect end to a perfect day