Location: Brewer's Bay

Today, I woke up at 5 and looked out of my hammock and saw a beautiful sunrise over the horizon. We sailed to Cane Garden Bay to clean a house that was destroyed by Irma. It felt really good to give back to the place that has given me so many amazing memories. After lunch, the Dolphins had our first research dive, then we went turtle tagging. Well, we only looked for turtles for about 10 minutes because Adi took over being dingy captain. He told us to get in because we were going to see a giant ball made of thousands and thousands of fish. Most importantly, he told us to REMAIN CALM and not to freak out with excitement. We got to the spot and backrolled out the dingy. I looked down and all I saw was blue. I kept swimming, and then I saw it, a giant ball of fish! Of course, I had to free dive down to get a closer look. I swam right into them and they closed in around me. I was completely surrounded by tens of thousands of little fish! It was so cool! After dinner, we watched a gorgeous BVI sunset and now we are jamming to some music. Best day ever!