Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Our relaxing day started with some warm oatmeal and stories about the many shipmates who happen to sleep talk, including myself. After a quick breakfast, we sailed over to the Pinnacles where the Neptunes completed their second fish ID dive. Each buddy group had the opportunity to explore the giant boulders covered in plants and coral with a variety of colorful fish surrounding them. Our peaceful day continued as we hung out on the boat and motored over to Shark Point to complete our final dive of the day. Rather than fulfilling a task, we swam freely through different swim throughs and even came across a spotted eagle ray. As we finished our dive and arrived back to our boat, we all cleaned off with a freshwater shower and motored over to Cane Garden Bay to enjoy our deliciously prepared peanut sauce chicken and rice. Before we end our exquisite day, we plan on watching a thrilling movie. As you can tell, today was a perfect day!