Location: West End

Well it has been an interesting 20 days aboard S/Y Annie Daydreaming. We have climbed into the clouds, dove to the depths of the ocean, and sailed across the sea. However, none of that mattered this morning because today was race day. We woke up and scarfed down some oatmeal before starting sailing prep for the great BVI Pringles cup race of 2017. After prep, all boats lined up on the starting line and waited for the countdown. 3.2.1! We quickly unfurled the jib and then we were off! It was not very windy so we knew it was going to be a long race, and we were right as it was about two hours long. As the race came to an end we finished third out of the fleet! An amazing accomplishment. Then started the dreaded packing and deep clean of the boat. After scrubbing every inch of the boat, we finally passed inspection and were cleared to go to shore at West End where we enjoyed some delicious pizza. Tonight is the BBQ at Pusser’s which we are all looking forward to. Tomorrow we say our goodbyes as we head home, which no one is looking forward to. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone on this boat and has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far!! I can’t wait for my next AQ adventure! date: Jul 27, 2017