Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After managing to sleep through a very rainy night we woke up to an even rainier morning. We were at GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island) and as soon as breakfast clean-up was over we got ready for our second rescue training. We took turns playing “victim” while Sam and Marina taught us all about throwing aids at tired or panicked divers and how to make the most of of flotation devices. We sailed to Road Town where we had lunch, called home, and bought snacks. The sail back to GHP was definitely the funniest part of the day; everyone was in the trampoline of our cat and got soaked because of the waves. With our anchors down, we swam around the boat and had salt water showers. Aaron joined us for dinner (chili and rice), Eleanor Roosevelt joined us for our squeeze and quote and the whole boat helped during clean up. With another beautiful BVI sunset ending our day we can’t wait for what tomorrow may bring.