Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up to the beautiful aroma of french toast made to perfection by Kaleigh and Hoxie. As the staff had their early morning meeting we down the french toast and cleaned up afterward. After breakfast, we unrafted all of the monohulls and started to sail to Sandy Spit. During the sail, all the Vegas did their sailing practical exams which included man overboard drills and sailing circles. The DMs had a dive chat about dive planning and reviewed for the upcoming test. Upon arriving at Sandy Spit, we sat down to a fantastic lunch of chicken caesar wraps and PB+Js. After lunch, the DMs took their final written test which everybody ended up passing!!! For dinner, we had rice and beans, one of the best meals at AQ, and after that, we ended the day on the cats for a Lifeworks Forum. Can’t wait for another great day tomorrow!