Location: Marina Cay

The eleventh day in paradise began with the usual chorus of Scuba Steve’s wakeup song. However, today, the shipmates were the ones waking up the staff. Next, a fantastic cereal breakfast was lovingly prepared by our chefs. After breakfast, we set sail for Marina Cay. Four hours of glorious sailing in almost perfect conditions (only brief periods of rain) lead us to our destination. On the way, a delicious lunch of Ramen noodles was prepared and enjoyed. Also, every shipmate enjoyed a little catnap while under sail. Shipmates were given about two hours for shore time. The incredibly intelligent shipmates on Spindrift managed to buy tons of bacon for breakfast later this week. Also, many people bought souvenirs at Aragorn’s studio, including many fabulous shirts. A Lifeworks forum has been planned for tonight if the rain doesn’t decide to crash the party. Oh, and the music has been dramatically changed from the normal onslaught of dubstep. Today only the gods of rock were allowed through the stereo system.