Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was one of those “YOLO” type of days that are hard to forget. Our day started with all three staff leaving the boat early, making it up to us (the students) to make sure nothing happened to our vessel. Instead of waking up at 6:30 like we always do, we slept in until 7:15 because of the meeting our staff went to. At breakfast, we had french toast. I thought that with our staff members gone breakfast would be a chaotic disaster, but instead, it was a nice breakfast. This made me realize that on this trip, all the crazy teenagers on the boat have learned to be more responsible and nice without our knowing. To my surprise, everyone listened to me, commanding them to do dishes and clean the boat before the staff came back. They were impressed. We went underway at around 10 and arrived at the Dogs at noon. We attempted to each chicken caesar salad sandwiches, but we ended up making a huge mess. After lunch was here, the YOLO moments occurred. We anchored and started rope swinging off the boat like Tarzan, except we did flips (some of us) and tried out a lot of YOLO tricks. This is why we call our boat, “the YOLO swaglettes.” Afterward, we took a dinghy to another boat where all of the scuba gear was. We geared up and then did a giant stride step off the boat and into the water. As always, the water was uber warm, and we saw a variety of fish, including eels, stingrays, and barracuda. Unfortunately, the Barracuda was seen while above the water on the boat. During the dive, we went into this very small cave which had water enough to stand in with your head above water. After our 40 minute dive, we took a dinghy back to our boat and departed for Guana Island. On the way there, six of us, including me, got an early practical sailing exam, and we all passed that part. Now I am eagerly awaiting dinner (chili and rice) while writing this blog and listening to everyone discussing the importance of YOLO.