Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we awoke in Savanna Bay at six and were greeted by oatmeal in many flavors. After a brief, but delicious, breakfast, we broke off into separate groups and began the day’s many activities! The Vega group, me, Amelia, Marcela, and Ford, took our very first dive! It was weird at first but so cool once we got used to it. Meanwhile, Sophie, like Quest, got to take an interesting and fun hike with the Lifeworks group. All at the time Nate, Tom, and Shelby began their first of many dives. Now back to the Vegas; after our first underwater experience, we went wakeboarding and waterskiing. After this, we learned to tie knots and then drive the dinghy. Driving the dinghy was so fun, but I may have terrified everyone with me! After this, we all got together and had a brief lunch. Then the Vegas took another dive, Sophie sailed, and the advanced divers went on a separate dive. The day on Savanna Bay came to a close with sailing Picos and windsurfing. Then we all packed up and headed to Mountain Point, where we are now. We are all about to go to a Lifeworks meeting tonight. Today was been nonstop fun!