Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

The day started as they always do, rising with the Caribbean sun. We quickly consumed our cereal as our anticipation built for the Vegas first open water dive. After putting together our dive equipment, (thanks to the expertise of our instructor Leah), we descended to the warm blue water prepared to discover what we had only ever seen in our textbooks. It began with a rainbow of color displayed on the small fish. Then we were shown the little abnormalities of these marine creatures, such as the tube worm whose shyness was a laughing matter, or the jellyfish who popped back to the surface with a gentle poke. An intriguing encounter was with the family of squids, and all us Vegas were in awe by the pod of tentacled invertebrates. Following our slow ascent back to the surface, we enjoyed an afternoon of sailing, which for quite a few was a brand new experience. We watched as our instructor Monika drew the points of sail on the board. Only moments later we were steering at the helm, quickly trying to save a “man overboard” fender using skills that we had acquired. We then cruised into the wind towards the placid Vixen Point and anchored just forty feet away from a beach with charismatic locals enjoying another gorgeous and adventuresome day in the BVI.