Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we started our day with some delicious scrambled eggs and cranberry muffins, and afterwards we cleaned up and put away the dishes. Once that was done we set sail towards the Baths. I was actually amazed that I actually got the boat safely there, since I haven’t driven anything at all before this. That was pretty cool. Once we were at the Baths we got on our dinghies and got closer to the beautiful reefs. We snorkeled all the way to Devil’s Bay. Sadly I couldn’t see much, due to the fact that I can’t wear glasses with the snorkel mask. That was a bummer, but I did get to see two small fish, a deep blue one and a yellow with purple one. The corals were amazing, but the rock caves were even more cool. After that we sailed to Spanishtown and we stayed there on land for two hours. We ate in an open air restaurant. We ate cheeseburgers and fries and any other option of cold drink. We then all bonded more there chasing chickens as well as trying to get a coconut off of a tree. We then headed to Savanna Bay and took our daily showers and ate a wonderful pasta alfredo and washed up. Soon we will have a dive chat. To sum it all up, today was really AMAZING!