Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started off the day at 6am when we woke the chefs up, Kristen and Colin, to make break burritos. Then we headed out to a new wreck dive in the BVI. It was sick! We did some swimming through the wreck and Shea held down the fort (our dinghy) because her ears couldn’t equalize. Our divemasters, Megan, Gabby, and Kayla, helped with the open water divers and got to do the wreck dive as well. Frances and Ethan rode on the super duper dinghy and laughed at Haynes and Collin while they yelled at each other on the Pico and capsized. Seth and William shredded on the wakeboards and Trip tried to hold onto the ski boat with one foot while slowly skiing (it didn’t end well). Now we are back on the boat for summer Thanksgiving, which Collin is cooking. Looking forward to a good night and tomorrow. Adios!