Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We started off our day with fresh pancakes made by chefs Jessie and Mia. We then left Peter Island and sailed to Road Town. Ben did a great job working the helm to get us to our destination. We also found out Emma and McKenna make a great team when it comes to pulling the main halyard to get the mainsail up. Ginger once again pulled the main halyard like a champ. Once we made it to Road Town Kara and Dylan bought fresh mangoes from the local supermarket. I also enjoyed the shops around town. After a good couple hours spent on land, we sailed by ourselves without too much instruction from Smudge and Claire. Kaylee did a great job getting us out of the bay to put our sails up. Max helped Mia navigate our way to The Bight at Norman Island. Today was our last saltwater shower so we spent a good time having fun in the ocean. We are soon about to have a cake to celebrate Emma’s 17th birthday! We appreciate Emma and her hard work on good old Salsa!