Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After an eventful night, the crew and I woke up to a nice meal of oatmeal prepared by our chefs Sophie and Max. After our yummy meal, we went in our dinghy and drove off to Tropical Oasis where we prepared to dive the Rhone. My dive buddy Kara and I were exceptionally excited, but also sad because it will have been our last dive. Once in the water, we were met with a beautiful sight. One of the most amazing experiences in my life. My dive group would sometimes pass by other groups, such as McKenna, Mia, and Emma’s group. When we would pass each other we would exchange smiles and wave to each other. After the amazing dive, we went back to our boat. After a brief rest, we went on a short hike on Salt Island. Ginger and Jessie seized the moment by taking pictures next to the amazing views. Once our hike ended the boat went to Peter Island where we set up a boom swing, it was awesome! Dylan was exceptionally good at it and used the swing many many times. After the swing, everyone gathered around and celebrated Ben’s birthday! Happy birthday Ben, and can’t wait for tomorrow!