Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We started our day off by waking up late, and to the smell of pancakes being grilled and flipped. After taking down our hammocks and cleaning up Breakaway’s salon, we sat down to enjoy our treat of a breakfast. We then decided to have a quiet morning. The crew’s morning was filled with lots of reading, snacking, playing card games, napping, and even doing some summer homework! At around 12:30 we made our way to Beef Island. We all had a summery lunch filled with smoothies and burgers, then bought snacks at a small market and were on our way to Muskmelon Bay. The sail was short and filled with views of green hills and beaches. Once we arrived, we took cool showers and sorted our fresh laundry. We then sat down to chili for dinner, and now are preparing for Lifeworks! What a quiet day!