Location: Marina Cay

‘Twas an extraordinary day. Dave woke us up, and we made a breakfast of oatmeal and cereal. We ate quickly and spent the day sailing. We were casually cruising under sail when Fanny the Fender fell overboard, what a klutz! We were instructed on the process of man overboard retrieval. We sailed 6-8 boat lengths away from Fanny. Then we turned the boat into the wind to face Fanny; this is called a tack. We came upon the downwind side of Fanny and made a sharp turn into the wind. All the while Henry yelled increments of length to show how far away the boat was. A team of two lifted Fanny out of the water, only to be thrown in again and again and more times after that until all 12 crew members had a turn. When we had finished, we sailed to a mooring ball at Kitchen Point where we ate lunch and swam. The water was crystal blue and transparent. Apres our lunch and swim we set off sailing again. This time Fanny managed to stay in the boat. We spent a large chunk of time practicing and performing sail circles. We spent time helming in all the different points of sail. When we finished that we sailed to a dock on Scrub Island to refill our fresh water tanks. We motored over 200 yards from the marina and set our anchor for the night. We are having Thanksgiving dinner tonight. We can’t wait for tomorrow!