Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

The day started with a particularly early wakeup due to the fact that we had to prepare to be the dive boat for the day. After some oatmeal for breakfast we commenced our first dive out of two. The dive was not as focused on skills, rather enjoyment. We were lucky enough to see a stingray, a baby octopus, a barracuda, and arrow crab, and a massive hermit crab. On our second dive our instructor gave far less input and watched us function in our buddy teams without his assistance. As we ascended we all smiled at each other with our regulators in our mouths, knowing that when we reached the surface we would be certified PADI open water divers. After celebrating, we rotated to Zesting, sailing small boats around a specified course. We had a competitive race to see which buddy pair could collect the most “treasure” floating about. We had a quick lunch of tortilla soup and learned about boat systems and how the boat’s mechanics work. Then we enjoyed watersports, where we waterskied, wakeboarded, and kneeboarded. After showers we motored over to Sommer’s Beach where we had a delicious BBQ. We returned to the boat and are going to sleep to prepare for the day tomorrow.