Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was one we’ll never forget! Our day started at around 6, where we already set sail to The Baths! After scarfing down yogurt and bagels filled with Nutella, we suited up, hopped into a dinghy, and swam onto the shores of Devil’s Bay. We ventured through a maze of rocks and trees leading to the many caves and baths. We finally reached the jumping rock. On the way back to the shore we found a duck and a mini hut full of chickens! Getting back to the boat we showered and ended up in Spanishtown- the first time we’ve stepped on land in 3 days! We all ate at this small, quaint little restaurant and adventured town the rest of the time. We stopped by the mini-mart and souvenir store, then headed back to the boat. When the boat was ready and refueled, we sailed for a couple of hours. We practiced the clove hitch, sheet bend, cleat knot, and bowline knots while snacking and bonding. We also practiced jibing and working the mainsail. Dinner of chili and rice turned out tasting great!

We’re looking forward to our sail chat tonight and learning more on how to work the ship. We can’t wait for what tomorrow has in store for us! So much love for this new family.