Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Another exciting day on San Souci! We started off our day with yummy oatmeal for breakfast. Then we started the day off with watersports, which involved windsurfing, kneeboarding, skiing, and wakeboarding. Windsurfing was hard, but it was super fun! 10/10 would recommend. Then we took a break by the beach and got to know each other better. We then had a yummy lunch of tuna salad and PB+J. Then the moment we were all excited for happened. We got ready to take our first breaths underwater! It was a moment I don’t think we will forget. While we were learning the basics, the sky changed, and the wind picked up. It started to rain just a little bit, but then it just poured for about an hour. We quickly dried off and played cards.

Looking forward to a yummy supper, and a dry, cool night! Can’t wait for tomorrow.