Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today has been the best day of my entire summer! We woke up and had our first fun dive, without any skills to pass, and were allowed to bring our dive cameras. We dove the coral gardens and saw barracudas and jellyfish! After we got out of the water, we moved to a different dive spot called the chimneys. At the dive site, there was a cave swim through filled with coral and fish. It was one of the coolest swim throughs I’ve done yet! After the second dive, we ate lunch and had tome to relax and hang out. Later in the afternoon, we had rescue skills dive where we practiced bringing unconscious divers to the surface safely. After that dive, Matt, the skipper of our boat, took us wakeboarding which completely made my day and left us all with smiles and continuous laughter. When we got back to the boat, we showered and then ate chili and rice. Mike, the director of Action Quest, came and joined us for dinner. We did the squeeze and talked about our favorite parts of the day. After that, we did an activity with Mike, where we expressed what we value about ourselves. Mike took us out on his super dingy to chase the sunset. Tonight’s sunset tops a lot that I have seen before. We are about to watch a video on search and recovery. Overall, the best day yet!