Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started the day early with a breakfast of maple oatmeal! Then we went to the Baths, where we walked throughout the natural caves and huge rocks with pools of water that were filled with crabs and sea life. After the Baths we headed towards Spanish town, which is a small city on the water with many boats. There was a nice restaurant that our boat went to together called the Bath and Turtle. I had ginger wings and fries, which were delicious! Mmm! There was a food market we also went to. It was filled with foods and candy that I have never seen before from America and Europe. After Spanishtown we made our way to Vixen Point and on the way had some of the most amazing sailing I’ve ever experienced! Even better, I got to man the helm for the entire trip from Spanishtown to Vixen Point, where just before we got there, encountered mass amounts of wind from our starboard side. The waves were huge, which made steering tricky and tiring. After that, we spent some time practicing our knots and man overboard procedures. And finally, we enjoyed a meal of veggie burgers, beans, potatoes, and juice.

I look forward to the next few weeks with these people on our boat; they’re all awesome people!