Location: Marina Cay

This morning we woke up to rain and those of us that slept outside were a bit wet, but happy to see each other. We had a breakfast if scrambled eggs which I am sure everyone enjoyed. After breakfast, we prepared for our deep dive which is for our advanced open water certification. We dove to 80 feet. It was a bit murky, but I am sure that everyone had a good time because when we stuff it was cool and it was interesting seeing the colors change at depth. After this, we sailed to Trellis Bay where we spent some time ashore. Before going to Marina Cay, where we anchored for the night. Before this, we were in the dingy and fish jumped and went over the counsellors and was then tossed into another dingy who finally got it into the water. For dinner, we had a very yummy stroganoff. This was followed by a discussion where I named everyone a fruit and told them why. Tim was a starfruit because people think he tastes a little bit like cucumber when he’s not ripe. People then started singing whilst doing the dishes.