If you know that you are unable to fund your experience without financial assistance, then this section is for you. Read through the details and then link to the Scholarship Application Form in the bar below.

The application for our summer travel scholarships is different than a regular enrollment application, meaning that when a student submits a scholarship application we do not guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded and we do not hold a space. If you wish to guarantee a space please fill out the standard application. Students may enroll through the standard application or apply through the scholarship application, but not both.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility for our summer camp scholarships is based on a number of factors, including financial need, merit-based considerations, and promise of success on the adventure. ActionQuest reserves the right to allocate scholarship awards for our summer adventure programs based on both economic factors and/or program priorities/concerns. The scholarship budget is determined by the ActionQuest Directors and is allocated from the organization’s operating budget. As students come from all over the world, flight and travel costs are not included at any scholarship level, nor spending money and other additional costs associated with traveling abroad (vaccinations, doctor visits, visas, etc.).

What scholarship amounts are available?

You may apply for anywhere between 10% and 40%, but it is worth noting that our average accepted scholarship award leans towards the lower percentages. This is because we have limited funding, and our goal is to help as many students attend our summer adventure programs as possible.

What is the award timeline?

We accept summer program scholarship applications on a rolling basis and we typically review applications and make determinations based on the amount requested:

  • March: 10%
  • April: 20% & 30%
  • May: 40%

If we are able to offer assistance to attend our summer adventure programs, we will contact you and ask that you make one of the following choices:

  • Accept the scholarship – At this point, you will be asked to complete the standard enrollment application along with the $1000-$1500 deposit needed to confirm and reserve the space. The applicant will be given a unique scholarship code to be used during the enrollment application to confirm the scholarship award.
  • Decline and request a review – In this case, we will contact you if additional funding or adventures become available. It should be noted that previous scholarship offers may not be available at the time of re-review. Available scholarship offers may increase or decrease depending on current enrollment, remaining scholarship funding, etc.

Do you offer scholarships for all Adventures?

No, and this is the reason we ask you to choose your top three summer adventure programs. We will do our best to match our scholarship offer to the Adventures you request, however, if those Adventures do not have any funding available, we will often let you know of another Adventure that does have funding.

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