BVI: Session 3 - Odyssea

Posted: Mon, Aug 8, 2011

A Break Caught

Location: Great Dog
Author: Lara von Damm L
After a week of having our days filled with numerous activities, the crew here at Odyssea finally caught a break. Our morning started as usual, waking up a little before 8 o’clock and then breakfast. The morning had something special though- our laundry was picked up. After these activities we got to pick what we wanted to do next: hang out at the beach, go extreme kneeboarding or chill on the boat. With a couple of shipmates on the dinghy going off to do some extreme kneeboarding the rest of us stayed behind on the boat to relax. The kneeboarding experience was successful since after many tries and some falls, everyone managed to “kneel” at least once. With the relaxing and skiing times over we sailed to our current location, the Chimneys, where we had already been and done some diving but what awaits is a whole new experience because we’re night diving!


Location: Rachael W.
Author: Muskmelon Bay
This morning we woke up to some scrambled eggs. Right after we went EXTREME KNEEBOARDING! There were some pretty epic wipe outs, I was one of them. Shortly after, the Neptunes and Dolphins split. The Neptunes went on fun dives (Emelia and I had an underwater dance party on the Sand Highway). The Dolphins did a research dive. Before any of us could blink, we were at Monkey Point where we went turtle tagging. We hopped in a dinghy and chased down turtles. Our fearless skipper Kris free dove down and wrestled a green sea turtle with his bare hands. We were all exhausted after the chase. The whole shebang was super exciting. Once we got back to the boat the Grand Cru-bees joined us to compare captured turtles. Gary, the turtle we caught, was chillin like a villan while Liquid Justice, Grand Cru’s turtle, thrashed like a mad man. We learned how to properly measure and document the turtles and then we released them back into the wild. Now we are underway back to Muskmelon Bay where we’ll have a Lifeworks Forum tonight.

Posted: Sun, Aug 7, 2011

Exploring Chickuzen

Location: Muskmelon Bay
Author: Harry S.
After waking up to staff members blasting air through the cabins we left port and set sail for the Chickuzen. After swimming around with rays and barracudas we got back on the boat. We then gunned the motors to Muskmelon Bay. Once there we all snorkeled to scout out our next night dive site. We braved a few jellyfish but managed to corner some elusive cephalopods and found the rare and mysterious pronged tooth silver fish (aka fork). Now that dinner is done we are preparing for our first solo night dive. With one hand on our buddies, one hand on our compass and one hand holding our flashlights close we will plunge into the dark depths of the water below. Can’t wait!

Posted: Sat, Aug 6, 2011

Tape Day

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Alex F.
Today we woke up and ate a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and fruit. After we cleared the dishes and set up our dive gear we sailed to the Dogs. We arrived and jumped in for a dive. Today was an interesting dive because we saw our first shark. It was a four foot long nurse shark. It was also sleeping with its head in a hole because when we came to it, it was in the same position. Then we put on our PFD’s and sailed our to Trellis. Once we docked we changed our sheets and pillow cases with clean ones and then went to shore. I was SO ready for the ride there on Big Blue, the largest and fastest of the dinghies. Once in Big Blue, Kris started the engine and we were off. We started slow and then went fast! So fast, every time we hit a wave I literally hopped up two feet. We got to shore and immediately I remembered from my previous year with Action Quest that there are computers on this island so I rushed over and got on facebook and then me and my hombre, Harry, went to eat. Then we walked around and went back to Big Blue and drove back to Odyssea. Then we went to Marina Cay and listened to “the tape.”

Posted: Thu, Aug 4, 2011

Beach Partay!

Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear
Author: Jamie L.
We started the day after a decidedly good night’s sleep, it didn’t rain all night allowing a few of us to sleep on deck! We had french toast made brilliantly by Isreal. Sweet syrup and sliced bananas, ah Heaven. Soon after the Dolphins amongst us did a great photography dive whilst the Neptunes had a boat dive and saw eels. Their excited chatter tells me their dive was equally special. Straight from there we sailed to Leverick Bay and lunch. Hanna tells me her mahi salad was to die for, my pizza was utterly delicious I must say. Filled to the brim with great food we waddled into the nearby shops to buy our costumes for tonight’s beach party. Our special theme chosen by Kris was “Bros” which everyone greeted with laughter and enthusiasm. Right now we’re all dressed up in our hilarious terrible clothing and about to get to the party. So excited! Love from all the shipmates, ciao!

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