BVI: Session 2 - Odyssea

Posted: Tue, Jul 19, 2011

Extreme Kneeboarding

Location: Summer’s Beach, Tortola
Author: Iris S.
Today we woke up to muffins and a stingray jumping out of the water which was awesome. Dolphins went on another research dive for their projects while the Neptunes got to go waterskiing. Kris convinced some of them to go “extreme” kneeboarding instead. Anna decided to go first and was pretty good. Up next was Marissa who was really good and “extreme.” Afterwards Jonathan showed everyone how to do a proper bellyflop. After Dolphins and Neptunes split up. Dolphins went off to tag turtles while Neptunes went to hang out at the beach. Greg from Grand Cru made an epic hut out of sticks and palm tree leaves and cut open some coconuts. Meanwhile the Dolphins were chasing turtles and actually caught a turtle. They also spotted two black tip reef sharks and three stingrays. Eventually Dolphins and Neptunes reunited on Odyssea to prepare for tonight’s beach BBQ. Today was a nice relaxing day and I can’t wait for the beach.

Posted: Mon, Jul 18, 2011

Big Waves and a Big Wreck

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Morgan B.
Today, being the skipper that I am, I awoke my boat with a gentle nudge rather than an aggressive shake, allowing my shipmates to appreciate me. It became a rushed morning after the staff meeting as we were separated into 3 groups, Grand Cru, Aftica III, and Panasea as our beloved catamaran, Odyssea, had to go in for repairs (no worries she’s back in tip top shape again!). We were experiencing intense waves on our way to the Chikuzen, the deep wreck we’re about to explore. At our destination I awoke to find most of Grand Cru feeling the same way I did, a little sea sick. Due to this, I was left behind on the boat while the rest of the group discovered massive eagle rays as well as a shark which was seen too. Watching everybody struggle and stumble up the ladder was amazing as the waves were crashing out of control making it difficult to get on the boat. The journey out of the Chikuzen was painfully long and everyone ended up sleeping off the sea sickness they began to experience. We sailed to Muskmelon Bay where we snorkeled for our night dive. Tonight will be our third and final night dive which we have to navigate completely by ourselves. Everyone is slightly nervous but very excited!

Posted: Sun, Jul 17, 2011

An Action Packed Day

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Collin W.
Today we went to a dive site called Mario’s. A beautiful reef full of aquatic life. A few of us witnessed a black tip reef shark. After we sailed to Marina Cay for water and fuel. I sailed through the bay and navigated my shipmates to port. I truly felt the wonderful power of sailing a spectacular vessel. At Trellis Bay we ate our lunch and it was delicious. After reaching the shops and rounding the grocery store we set back to sail. Later that evening we found all of the Action Quest shipmates in one sitting. We listened to an excellent motivational speaker on a tape who personally inspired me a lot. Tonight we are looking at the clear skies laying in our hammocks. Goodnight all.

Posted: Sat, Jul 16, 2011

We Need Some Training

Location: Great Harbor, Peter
Author: Rachel O.
Today chefs woke up early to make scrambled eggs and cranberry orange muffins. It was very good. After breakfast Neptunes went on a wreck dive of the Fearless. Dolphins did a research dive. We surveyed 4 quadrants placed very ten feet. We took a look at what types of coral and algae there was. Later we had a great lunch of grilled cheese! We all teamed together and finished super fast. After lunch Neptunes had another boat dive. The rest of the Dolphins came to our boat and we went on a snorkel. We had to look for invertebrates and bring at least one back to examine. We played a game to see who could name the kingdom, phylum, class, family, genus, and species for each one. It was Odyssea vs Grand Cru. Odyssea totally won! We found a flamingo tongue and a bunch of hermit crabs and also a sea urchin. After the other boats left Kris put us into training. We needed to practice hooking the mooring ball. After successfully hooking the ball twice Kris blindfolded himself and we had to instruct where we were going and we were also successful with that! After showers we get a thanksgiving feast. This is going to be so delicous. Mashed potatoes and turkey are my favorite. Later tonight there is a movie night with the rest of the boats. I’m so excited! I wonder what the movie will be ……..the end!

Posted: Fri, Jul 15, 2011

Salt Island and GHP

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Libby W.
Today we woke up early to a hot day and banana bread that Cap’n Kris made us (he’s such a good house wife!). Then we motored our way over to Salt Island where we dove the wreck of the Rhone, a Royal Mail Ship that sunk during a hurricane in the 1800’s. It was huge and probably the most interesting dive site yet. After that we hiked around Salt Island where some of the shipmates of the Rhone are buried. We walked to the highest point of the island and could see everything around us. It was nice to be together with all of dive side for a little while. We then tried to sail back to GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island) but quickly found out something was wrong with our sail. Meghann got hoisted to the top of the mast while I (the greatest skipper ever) drove the boat the entire time. Kris had us take the sail down and we learned how to “flake” it (a fancy way to say fold). We are getting it fixed tomorrow so don’t fret. We snorkeled around GHP, hung out, and reviewed our dive tables. Tonight is our second night dive! Now that we’ve done it before we aren’t as nervous, just excited to see cool things. We’re all bummed out we didn’t get to see Harry Potter, so don’t tell us what happens! Off to torture Kris with some Jimmy Buffett (can you believe he doesn’t like him?)!

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