BVI: Session 3 - Knot Guilty

Posted: Mon, Aug 8, 2011

Bleach Party!

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Rob B.
To start off we began the day with an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs an blueberry muffins. At around 9am we began our dive, where we practiced skills such as finding our neutral buoyancy. On the dive we saw a spotted eagle ray and several spider crabs. We also saw a huge lobster that was hiding under an outcropping of fire coral, which I unfortunately brushed up against. After we surfaced we started rotations, which is where individual boats take turns doing things like waterskiing and wakeboarding. I was able to get up on the kneeboard several times. Sam was able to pull of several 360s, which was very impressive. Our boat then took the Picos, which are two person sailboats. I have promised myself to buy one as soon as I can. When we got back to our boat we started the “bleach party.” Basically we sprayed everything with bleach and scrubbed it down. This took a very long time; our boat wasn’t exactly in tip top shape. Afterwards we had an awesome dinner of tomato stroganoff. Then I, the skipper of the day, asked the question “what is the meaning of your life; as an individual?” This question generated some very interesting answers. Every day here in the BVI flies by, and I am not looking forward to going back home to reality.

Posted: Sun, Aug 7, 2011

Sail Day

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Madie D.
We woke up this morning in Marina Cay, where Lee Ann and Rob cooked us delicious pancakes for breakfast. While Al, Doug, and Roxy were at a meeting, we prepared breakfast and tea for them and made them really happy when they came back! After that Doug, Sean, and Roxy left to go diving so we picked up Anna so she could help us with our sail lesson. We practiced sailing for a few hours so we could be ready for our practical test. Then we had to go back to Trellis so our boat could pick up everyone’s laundry and get lunch. We went back to the cyber cafe and all downed our “famous awesome sandwiches!” We also did some shopping at a cool jewelry and art store called Aragorn’s. We got back on the boat and headed to Muskmelon Bay. On the way there everyone worked tirelessly to sort every ActionQuest boat’s laundry. Finally, shortly after arriving at Muskmelon Bay, we were done with sorting the laundry and hauled the bags off to their boats. By then we were all ready for our daily showers. Afterwards we ate chicken salad sandwiches for dinner and were relieved to find out we’d be getting a free night to watch a movie together and a special unknown sweet treat for helping out with the laundry! We’re all really excited to go diving tomorrow, along with whatever else our schedule has in store! P.S. We just found out our Carinas (Maddy and Mac) get to go night diving tonight and we’re all so jealous!

Posted: Sat, Aug 6, 2011

Just Another Awesome Day

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Alex B.
Today we woke up to the great sounds of Carlos Santana. We started our day by leaving Vixen Point and then making our way towards the Chimneys at the Dog Islands. We had just enough time to squeeze breakfast in between the voyage. It was a rocky meal because we were already underway, but nothing that we couldn’t manage. After mooring the crew prepared for an exciting second dive filled with adventure. During the dive some of us discovered the itchiness that is fire coral. Despite this we managed to complete the skills that were required of us. We saw many fish, including a stingray. Lunch was just around the bend, including ramen noodles and other things to eat. After lunch we set sail for Marina Cay. We stocked up on water and snacks for ourselves while we waited for the boat. We had enough time to make some phone calls home as some of my readers already know. Then it was time for dinner, teriyaki noodles with chicken and vegetables- yummmm! Our chefs Maddy and Sam did a great job. Today was just another awesome day with AQ.

Posted: Fri, Aug 5, 2011

Beach Time

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Sean P.
We woke up to Jack Johnson and had eggs with hot sauce. The rain has passed and everyone is back to getting a lot of sun, as we spent the day on the beach and snorkeling along the mangroves. Several people had a blast doing watersports and Maddy went as far as pulling a 180 on a wakeboard. I’ve been doing a lot of reading in my divemaster course, but today I was in the water a lot. During the mangroves I saw an upside down jellyfish for the first time. Tonight was perfect weather and we all laid out on the deck. The chefs did a great job cooking so we all enjoyed a decadent chicken caesar salad and rice. Vegas are psyched to go diving tomorrow on their second open water dive.

Posted: Thu, Aug 4, 2011

Let’s Do Another Chain… Knot!

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Leanne L.
Today we woke up to the lovely sun that we haven’t seen in a while. After a delicious breakfast the Vegas all passed their open water dive exam! Great start to the day. After the exams we headed to the beach to sail some Picos. Everyone is getting the hang of sailing! (It took the Maddie’s a little while though). After some sailing and relaxing we headed back to the boat for sandwiches, which were delicious. Then we headed back to the beach for team building games with Matt and Sam. We were doing great until the human knot. We worked great as a team for a full hour, then we were all too hot and tired to continue. We were all upset to let go but it was time. Then we headed to the Rhodes where Craig did a great job helping us sail. And for tonight we get to look pretty and head to the beach BBQ/dance. We’re all excited for another fun day tomorrow at Gorda Sound.

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