Global: Session 2 - Billabong: Australia

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2011


Location: Cairns
Author: Taylor Apter
The girls woke up this morning to the sweet sound of the male folk making breakfast. We ate some croissants and Nutella, then jumped on a cab to the aboriginal tjupukiu, a type of cultural park where we watched a show on digeridoos, native folk tales, and tribal dancing. After a quick presentation on weapons and natural bush foods, we each got to try our hand at spear throwing and boomerang wielding. We had a major jam session where some of us figured out how to play a digeridoo while waiting for the cab to drop us off at the hotel. We had a quick Thanksgiving lunch and went on a shopping exposition. The girls spent almost all of their money while the guys emptied their wallets for food. We grabbed some Subway sandwiches for dinner and went to a reef teach where we learned about all the types of marine life we would see on the Great Barrier Reef. It was interesting and the presenter was really funny. We caught a cab home and reminisced about the 2/3 of the trip already finished.

Posted: Thu, Jul 21, 2011

Goodbye Daintree, Hello Cairns

Location: Cairns
Author: Emily Chesser
We had a free day today, so several people slept in. The people who were awake for breakfast went to the beach after breakfast. We hung out on the beach all morning until lunch. After lunch, everyone finished packing and said good-bye to the Bat House. We were sad to leave, but excited for the next part of our Australian adventure. We boarded a bus, and after a very long and windy ride, we arrived in Cairns. At the motel, we got situated in our rooms before leaving for dinner in town. We walked to the Night Market and got Chinese food from the Night Market. Then we were allowed an hour and a half of shopping in the market. After the Night Market, we caught a taxi back to the motel. We saw fireworks from the local fair as we were driving by. Back at the motel, we settled in for the night.

Posted: Wed, Jul 20, 2011


Location: Daintree
Author: Griffin Remick
We woke up this morning for breakfast then set out for a morning of work in the rainforest. To kill an invasive species of grass in the rainforest we stomped on it and crushed it so it could be later killed with chemicals. We did this for hours and after all our hard work we went for a refreshing swim in Mason’s swimming hole which has an awesome rope swing into a deep section of the water. After lunch back at the Bat House it was back to work, this time clipping vines and sawing parts of dead trees to clear space for younger growing ones. Dan and I chopped down a huge section of a tree, and even though it was crazy, it was still pretty sweet. This was very hard work and when we were done we went back to the swimming hole to cool off. After a long day we had Mexican food for dinner, then relaxed by the warm fire pit.

Posted: Tue, Jul 19, 2011

Challenges and Rewards

Location: Daintree
Author: Jessica Castech
This morning we woke up happy to have made it through our first night at the bat house, despite all the insects and noises of the rainforest. After a quick breakfast and an iguana sighting, we headed out to get acquainted with our surroundings. We walked to the beach where we hung out for a while in the nice weather. On our walk back we were all surprised to see a wild crocodile across the way from us on a sandbank! We took a moment to check it out and take pictures, then continued on to check out what our service project was all about and what we would be doing. We met up with Phil, who is also working to restore the rainforest. He showed us all the different stages it takes to rebuild the rainforest, and we learned that today we would be stomping on grass and pulling out any not native plants. After being briefed on what we would be doing later we headed back to the bat house for lunch. Soon after we began our service project and got a lot of work done in just an hour and a half! After doing some hard work in the rainforest we went to a nearby watering hole where we could have a refreshing dip and swing in on a rope swing. It was a nice break to have after spending a hot day in the rainforest. To end our day we had eggplant lasagna back at the bat house. It was both a challenging and rewarding day!

Posted: Mon, Jul 18, 2011


Location: Daintree National Park
Author: Sonia Chevli
We had an early start today that followed a long day of traveling. We left Townsville and went on a nine hour bus ride to the Bat House in the middle of the rainforest. When we arrived to the Bat house we met Hugh otherwise known as “Batman” and we watched him feed these giant fruit bats. We then explored the area and got a feel of our surroundings. We finally joined the rest of the guests at the bat house for a BBQ and card games. It was a long day but we should all get a good night sleep despite the spiders.

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