Global: Session 1 - Odysseus: Mediterranean

Posted: Mon, Jul 4, 2011

Porto Venere

Location: Known for pesto, it’s a beautiful place to visit!!
Author: Serena coffino
Everyone is in Porto Venere, it is so beautiful and an amazing place to come and see. It is known for their pesto so if you like that this is definitely the place to get it. Also they have bars of chocolate that are so good you will fall in love with it. Today’s schedule was 8:00 breakfast, 9:00 we departed for Porto Venere, 12:00 was lunch, 3:00 we arrived after doing watch teams, 3:30 we had shore time where you go and look around and go into different little shops, just basically do your own thing and hangout with everyone and enjoy yourself, 5:30 was showers and then started to rain on us, 7:00 was dinner, and lastly 8:00 which is coming up is sailing class. It was a great day and it’s incredible to see and have an experience like this, it’s amazing!

Posted: Sun, Jul 3, 2011

14.9.2 = 14.9.2, proving mathematics wrong.

Location: Ye Olde Port of Livorno
Author: Cap’n Christopher Cowie featuring First Mate Blondebeard.
Today be startin off with de watch team 3 waking up at the bewitching small hour of 2 AM to move from me buried treasure at Elba to plunder and pillage Livorno. As the wind be not at our backs we had to be using the iron jenny (engine, for ye landlubbers) for seven wee hours. Every cargo ship and passenger boat trembled in the wakes of the mighty Argo as we traversed the powerful Mediterranean Sea. The whimpering sea dogs of our crew squeezed in a few wee hours of shut eye before time came again and the captain would whip them back to work as they secured the docking lines in the city of Livorno. Lashed to the decks the crew scrubbed for hours until the crews work met the satisfaction of their scrupulous captain and me vessel be purdy as she ever been. We were off to the mighty town of Pisa known for the tower cursed with a mysterious disease by Davey Jones himself and were there by high noon. With only one of us (Andreas) speaking the native tongue of the Scaly Waggers, we made our way round the tower, bombing a few portraits of random landlubbers we know not of (Becca). We quickly took over a local galley, and demanded grub. As our crew hailed from the new world we were given special treatment from them local heathens. The grub proved to be scrumptious and was followed with our tradition of a mighty hunt for the most precious treasure of all… Gelato. Arghh Matey. Too soon we skulked back to Argo to be hosed down to rid us of the mighty stench of the ocean herself. We partook in a pre celebration of taking the new world bar-b-que. Our evening fill be followed by a few games of them fake Asian pirates (ninja) and a long intellectual conversation between Mike, Payton and I about 14.9.2 and potentially broke mathematical barriers creating a number more advanced than pi. All starting by the likelihood of today sometimes being Tuesday. Matey.

Posted: Fri, Jul 1, 2011

Day at Sea

Location: Somewhere in the Mediterranean (Elba)
Author: Chloe
Our day started bright and early at 6am when we left the port of Civitavecchia and started our 12 hour journey towards our new destination of Elba, the island on which Napoleon was exiled. We completed the journey in our usual watch teams, on duty for three hours at a time, in which we helm (steer the boat), complete boat checks and compete to see who can avoid the job of bow watch. The watches were livened up by Sam, our captain, who decided to give himself what can only be described as the “Argo buzzcut” (shaving all your hair off on the stern, with no mirror) during first watch. Some of us used this opportunity to try our hands at hairdressing – it’s safe to say that none of us will be making a career of it any time soon. After lunch we had a sailing class, attempting to learn the multiple different boat and marker shapes and signals and what each one means, which we will need to know for our crew certification at the end of the trip. At the end of a long day of sailing we finally pulled into Elba, to be greeted with beautiful scenery and the warmest waters we’ve experienced so far, a fact which certainly made the deck showers more pleasant. Dinner was followed by a Lifeworks forum, an experience which allowed the group to express their views on the important subject of values and how they affect all of us. For now we’re all off to bed, exhausted after a long but fulfilling day, and excited to explore the port of Elba tomorrow.

Posted: Thu, Jun 30, 2011

When in Rome …

Location: Civichivecchhia to Rome
Author: Commodore Payton Henson
Our day started bright and early today with a train ride to Rome at 6:45. We arrived in Rome and immediately lost ourselves among Rome’s many winding streets … literally. After asking some friendly Romans for directions we found our way to a rather decrepit looking stadium (it didn’t even appear to be finished). After spending an hour poking our way around there we made our way to the Forum Romano (which was almost as decrepit as the stadium). Anyway, after spending a little time there we headed to get lunch passing by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage on the way (I think that the architect was inspired by Zeus’s palace on Mt. Olympus). After a fantastic lunch we all took cabs to the Vatican (I’m glad the driver was Italian, that way he couldn’t understand my screams of terror). Once there we spent some time in the Basilica di San Pietro (I found the whole thing rather above me myself). The afternoon consisted of visiting the Pantheon (must’ve run out of funding before they finished the roof), the Trevi fountain (wouldn’t even let you swim), and the Spanish Steps (no idea on the significance of those). We then began making our way back to the train station before realizing that we didn’t know where it was. We then ended up taking the metro to the train station (I know…) and had an invigorating run to catch the train back. All told I’d say we walked roughly 27 miles (this from a completely unbiased third-party source). Finally, we came back and finished the day with a pizza for each of us.

Posted: Wed, Jun 29, 2011

The Search of Italian Gelato (and internet)

Location: Civitavecchia
Author: Taylor Jubitz
After a long 20 hours of sailing we finally arrived in a port outside of Rome which would be our new home for the next few days. Our new neighbors would be huge cruise ships, and industrious buildings, a sudden change from our previous locations. After arriving here, the crew gave back to Argo by doing some major boat appreciation. This included scrubbing (with toothbrushes) and slaving over the small sheets of our beds down below. I’m sure I can speak for everyone that we worked hard under the warm Italian heat, breaking a sweat and working on our tan. As a reward the crew was granted some free time in Civitavecchia to roam the city as they please. The group split up for a bit some in search of some internet connection and a good old fashioned Mcdonald’s big Mac, while others were in pursuit of Gelato. After a bit of walking and a lot of asking for directions the group finally met up with this cold treat. Civitavecchia is an old town with a in good mix of the old, and the new which made it so much fun to explore. We finished the day with some very interesting showers and a sail chat. Everyone is heading to bed early, as we are waking up bright and early for Rome.

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