BVI: Session 3 - Aftica III

Posted: Tue, Aug 9, 2011

Mom, Mom, Mom

Location: Sandy Spit
Author: Timo K.
Today we got up to Nick (the skipper) playing a highly annoying track on the radio that he wouldn’t stop playing until all of us were on deck. Breakfast was oatmeal and Chris tried it for the second time on the voyage and found out that he actually did like it. After breakfast we sailed to Brewer’s Bay to do a dive called the Pinnacles. It was an amazing dive! It had huge pillars of coral and the visibility was spectacular. Then we sailed over to a dive site called the Playgrounds. We didn’t think it was possible but this dive was even better than the last one! There were so many different varieties of fish and we saw a barracuda and various other marine organisms. For lunch we had tortilla soup. Ben, my dive instructor, and Nick did a panicked and unconscious diver scenario for Panasea, the rescue boat. Nick started flailing around in the water and it took the rescue divers at least 3 minutes to spot him. The rest of the afternoon was spent just chilling out and then it was time for the beach barbeque. When we got there we immediately mingled with the other boats whilst sharing funny stories and eating burgers and hot dogs. Later when it got dark we lit an epic bonfire and just sat with our friends talking. Tomorrow sounds like it is going to be incredible and the dinner is Mexican, my favorite. I think it is just getting better and better each day.

Posted: Mon, Aug 8, 2011

A Seriously Brilliant Day

Location: Muskmelon Bay
Author: Arvind
Today we woke up to the low battery alarm. Our staff took the helm and started to charge our batteries. We started her engines and motored across the anchorage. At 7 o’clock the chefs began to prepare breakfast. After breakfast we went waterskiing and wakeboarding. Meanwhile the rest of us practiced making knots. Cara was definitely the best! When the second group went wakeboarding, I went first and was able to stand up. Aaron was also able to get up and Boyd tried his hardest. When we got back to the boat, we put on our PFD’s, started our engines, raised anchor, and set sail to Monkey Point. When we reached Monkey Point, the chefs started their adventure in the galley to prepare Tuscan white bean soup. After a satisfying lunch we set up our dive gear. On the dive we saw massive tarpons and thousands of small fish swimming by. Both dive groups had a little karate party underwater. After the dive we headed back to the anchorage at Muskmelon. For dinner, Anna joined us and the squeeze question: what is the most majestic place you have ever been? Absolutely brilliant.

Posted: Sun, Aug 7, 2011

Cool Day

Location: Muskmelon Bay
Author: Boyd R.
Today was an awesome day. While some people went to the clinic, the rest of us went to the beach. The weather was sunny and the beach was warm. Breakfast this morning was great, we had pancakes. I personally had 13 pancakes. I can’t believe we have only 6 days left. Action Quest has been an awesome adventure for all of us. I also think that most of us will come back. But it’s late, time to catch some zzz’s.

Posted: Sat, Aug 6, 2011

The Dog(s) Days of Summer

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Lauren
Today was super fun! We went diving at around 10 am at a place called Joe’s Cave. It was gorgeous. Later we went to port at Trellis Bay. They have awesome hammocks and a fantastic sandwich shop. It was a bit of a wait, but was worth it. I did get an opportunity to see our fellow shipmate Chang’s acting skills when he did an interview. We then went to a Lifeworks meeting and listened to a tape recording of a presentation. It was really emotional and made a lot of people think about not taking others for granted. Everyone left the meeting thinking really deeply of how they treat other people and who is important in their life. It was pretty awesome but we were all super tired when we got back. We all did sleep really well and it didn’t rain the whole night.

Enjoy the Summer BreezeĀ…

Location: Great Dog
Author: Christopher C.
Today weather conditions were good with sunny skies and no rain. Work started later than usual at 7:43 am after a hard night of partying. Everyone was rushing to get done with early chores, nearly 8 hours of resting time. Luckily sea conditions were smooth allowing most of the crew to sleep and laze around. In my perspective I think all of this is a reward for completing all dives and certification besides night dives. In addition to the “lazing around reward” we were given the opportunity of wakeboarding and water skiing. For people who came last year these water sports were “pieces of cakes.” However, for the new comers including me we could use a little improvement….sigh. At around 2 to 2:30 pm the Aftica III finally pulled up anchor and continued our voyage. Our crew gathered in the cockpit for some snacks and chatting away. This went on for about 2 hours when we finally arrived at the Chimneys. This is the dive site where the crew got their naturalist specialty. The next two hours seemed like a blur and I did not know anything that was going on because half of the crew and I took a nap. Dinner was served around 6:45 pm and on the menu was chicken salad and risotto and croutons made by Becca, the ship’s EMT. Dinner was fabulous, the question of the day was “What was the most awkward moment of your life?” The answers from each person were amazing. After all our food was digested we prepped scuba gear for our second night dive. Dives started at 7:45 pm, max time being 35 minutes and max depth being 45 feet. Overall, today was just a day to chill and relax. Tomorrow we will be looking forward to more diving. We’ll see you all in 9 days!

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