Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

First we started the day off with cereal for breakfast. Then we sailed out of Peter Island to Salt Island, where we dove the Rhone. We arrived and anchored off Salt Island and hung out while we waited for it to be our turn to dive. After about an hour we got called over the radio that we were up. We got ready and hopped in the dinghies to be shuttled over to the Sailing Curls, the dive boat, which was floating around 45 feet above the stern half of the Rhone. This was our first dive as certified open water divers. After arriving to Sailing Curls I geared up and jumped into the water. I glanced underwater and could already see the wreck. We descended down to the Rhone and dove up, down, and around the wreck for around 35-40 minutes, in which we saw amazing coral, fish, and a ton of other sea life living in and around it. Also during the dive, we got to swim through a break in the boat in which many sea creatures lived in. After exploring the whole wreck we ascended. Diving the Rhone was definitely one of the coolest things I have experienced. We then drove back to our boat and had ramen for lunch. After we took the sailing exam that we have been prepping, studying, and getting ready for most of the trip. We all finished the exam and went to Salt Island for a small hike to the top of the island. It was a great time and the views were incredible. We finished off the day with the news that we had all passed the written sailing exam and had breakfast for dinner. date: Jul 25, 2017