Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started off this day with a fresh breakfast. Afterwards, Emma and I went to a skipper’s meeting to talk about the races. In the meeting, we talked about the rules of the race. Then they told us our starting position and headed back to the boat to prepare ourselves for the first race. When we got to the starting line my adrenaline was rushing through my body. As soon as we heard go, two people started pulling the jib sheets and we began the race. Our starting position was seventh place but in two minutes we reached first place. I felt proud being the skipper and being at the helm during the race. When we reached the end I heard “congratulations Portlandia you won the race in first place.” Once I heard that I was relaxed and happy. After the race, we went back to where we started. It was fun being on shore there again. When we headed back to the boat I had to go again to another skipper’s meeting, this time the race was harder and had more movements. Once the meeting finished I went back to the boat and set off to start the race. This time we got seventh place. We weren’t that happy. After arriving at the finish line we put the anchor down and started showering. It was a really fun day.