Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Our second full day started relatively late (yes, 7 am late here), with the smell of blueberry muffins. Our talented chefs Alex and David were meticulously stirring the 45 eggs that later formed the most delicious scrambled eggs we’ve had yet on the boat (since they were the first, of course). After cleanup, we left our mooring spot, The Bight at Norman Island, and had our second sail! We also took out our headsail (the jib) for the first time. After learning even more fancy sailing terms, we reached Cooper Island where we stopped for lunch and a quick swim to cool off. We then motored to Savanna Bay on Virgin Gorda where we anchored for the night! On the way, we listened to music and tried to spot as many turtles as we could. Around 4 pm we went for our first wakeboarding and waterskiing tour! Some tried new things; others got back to their favorite watersports. Wipeouts were common. After showers, we ate the long-awaited “Italian” dinner and did our usual squeeze activity. Although most of us are already ready to go to sleep, we’re excited for our second dive chat tonight and another amazing day!