Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today started with an early wake up so we could beat the crowds to The Baths. We were the first to arrive and after a quick breakfast, hopped over to The Baths. It was quite an adventure as we put our lives in Shona’s hands (literally) when we climbed to the highest rock. We also had a good time jumping off the jumping rock. We managed to get out honestly unscratched! We then spent the rest of the day on land in Spanishtown where we talked to our parents and had some bumping ice cream. We spent a long time learning new sail procedures and singing High School Musical (David knows all the words to Fabulous.) We rolled up into our new anchorage for the night and talked about our most embarrassing moments while the sunset. It was a super packed and fun day with the best boat in the fleet! Signing off, Blair.