Location: West End, Tortola

Today was race day. Today was also our last day together as a crew of Wind Shadow. We started our day with a quick cereal breakfast and a skipper’s meeting to prepare for the race. Soon after, we motored over to Norman Island and lined up for the big start. We started in the 5th position, but that wasn’t going to stop us. We revved our engines and raised our sails. 3..2..1.. The race began. The waves were roaring, and our boat was heeling like crazy. Half of our boat went to sit on the high side and got soaked from the wild waves. The rest of us were helming and easing and sweating the lines. It was intense, and we sailed down to Road Town Harbor, tacked around a buoy and streamlined down to Great Harbor where the finish line was. We hit a high speed of 9.2 knots and were the first to round the yellow marker. We ended the race with our champion playlist and delicious eggs in a basket lunch cooked by our amazing skipper Shona. I’m sad to say goodbye to this family and boat, but the memories and bonds will stay with me forever.