Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

If you don’t know what White Squall is, it’s our favorite movie on Moko Jumbie. White Squall is also our code word for “help”. Today we encountered our first rescue scenario. The day began with some French toast and a short motor to our dive location of the day. We had to take on the task of locating two kettle bells as a team. Once we surfaced, we sat down to some Ramen noodles. About halfway through lunch, the boat jumped at the sound of one of the divemasters screaming “White Squall”, we then knew it was our time to piece all of our rescue skills together. We ran to where the yells originated from and began our rescue. I think we were all a little intimidated at first, but once we got into the scenario, it felt pretty real. We saved all three people and then learned what we can improve on next time. We then all relaxed on the hard top waiting for our scuba tanks to fill with air for our next dive. Once they were filled, we moved over to our second dive site of the day: the Playgrounds. The visibility was great and we spotted many different animals. Although I didn’t see it, some people saw a nurse shark. After the dive, we all showered and prepared for dinner. Today was definitely memorable and a lot of fun!