Location: Marina Cay

Today was “fantabulous”. We slept in slightly, allowing us to catch up on sleep. The day officially started with two rescue diving exercises. One of which was a panicked diver identification, and the other a search and recovery. For the first, in groups of four, we had to identify if a diver was either out of air or over exerted. One diver was chosen to have the decipher who was affected, whilst the other three swam towards him/her, with one of them showing subtle signs of their chosen condition. For the latter, in our buddy teams, we had to fake an find an unconscious diver using a U-search pattern. The stand-in for the unconscious diver was an oxygen tank tied down with a weight belt. We then sailed to Road Town, allowing us to have a nice brief check in with the outside world. The sail from Road Town to Marina Cay involved 13 children and a staff member sitting on the net between the hulls on the bow, frequented by the waves and subsequent screeches, as well as the converging of 5 different songs being sung at their maximum volume simultaneously and continuously. This was by far our favorite part of the day, with the waves, screams and songs being played. The day ended with a beautiful feast of fresh food, followed by the squeeze questions which was about a greatest fear. Following dinner and clean up, we listened to the Jim Tuman tape, which consistently brings boats together through its soul touching stories and celebrating life. The day started with important life saving skills and ended with bonding. The majority of the day was clearly marked with blissful joy.