Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a solid day! It started off with us waking up around 6 for a hype breakfast of oatmeal. I had apple cinnamon! Then we went on a dive at the wreck of the Rhone. It was so cool to see the site pre and post-Irma. We saw so much! It was so cool! I saw giant lobsters, a ton of cool fish, the wreck, all the coral was beautiful, and we got to see a really cool shark! The other group didn’t see the shark and we made fun of them for that. After that, we went and motored to GHP for lunch and rescue training. We learned and did simulations of unconscious divers in the water. It was a lot of work but after that, we had dinner of beef stroganoff and squeezed. Tonight we get to watch a movie so we are all very excited. In all, it was an amazing day! Today hit a lot of us that we’re half done. I feel like I’ve known these people my whole life, we have become so close over the first half and I’m excited to grow closer to these amazing people as the trip goes on. I am so excited to see where tomorrow, as well as the rest of the trip, takes us!