Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was our longest sail day. We sailed for about a total of six hours. It was very exciting when we heeled over, and we sat on the high side and just relaxed for a while. After sailing for a long time, we stopped for lunch and had some good chicken sandwiches. After cleaning up, a huge barracuda showed up, and we spent some time playing with it. We then jumped in the water and scared each other with mentioning the barracuda; it was really funny to see the reaction of some people. From there we set out to Savannah Bay. On the way there we practiced how to save someone if they went overboard. This was very exciting and thrilling while I was at the helm, but it wasn’t a real person overboard, so it wasn’t really serious. We then arrived in Savanna Bay and anchored near the other ActionQuest boats. After we were set up, Jake (dive instructor) showed us how to set up our diving equipment. We all tried it a couple of times so we could master it, that got me thinking about our first dive and made me excited. After that, we jumped in the water to take a shower. Once we all dried up, we had some really good alfredo pasta. Once the cleanup is done, we will have our second scuba chat. Being able to drive and understand the sailboat more was something I experienced today and one that I liked.