Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up and headed to the playgrounds for our morning dive. Neptune’s had a fun dive while the dolphins did their digital photo dive part 2. The dolphin dive was good except for 2 out of the three cameras died, and we got lost, but it was still fun. After that dive, we had ramen for lunch and the rest of the afternoon was chill. Dolphins worked and finished their assignments for their research project while Neptune’s had the opportunity to dive and clean for boat appreciation. After some of the Entertainer crew dinghied to the tropical oasis to try out the halyard swing and then a group of us had a lovely joy ride. In the meantime, Molly went on a search and recovery mission, but sadly it failed RIP Elles earring. Once we returned to our boat, a group of us including me took our dinghy phantom with Alex to the beach to fix it. It went by smoothly and as of now phantom works. Later on tonight we will have lifeworks forum on another boat which will be interesting anyway bye y’all.