Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today, most people got to have a great sleep in and had an array of cereals to choose from. Once everyone had eaten, we had time to ourselves until we had a dock talk. This talk lasted about an hour and a half and turned more into an enticing lecture of what our experience would be like. Once our talk was over, everyone headed to the Harbor Market to get last minute food and drinks before we got underway. Leaving West End, the fleet headed to White bay off of Peter Island. The boat ride was so much fun as we got soaked, drove the boat, and got to know each other better. Once anchored at White Bay, swim tests started. After almost everyone was getting wet, we scooped back on and started prepping for diving the refresher course helped us remember how to dive and what it would be like. All of the divers hit bottom around 35ft and saw a beautiful assortment of seaweed. During this review dive, lots of fish swam around us and shimmered against the sun. All divers ascended and went to work doing a salt water shower. That was different. I don’t think most of us have showered in the ocean before! Currently, dinner is about to be done, and we are all hungry. I promise all of us are having an awesome time. Check out tomorrow for more exciting events!