Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today I woke up to the sound of staff whispering. Within minutes we had two rescue divers on our boat as they were briefed on their tests. Suddenly my skipper started shouting from the water. She was having a “breakdown” because her buddy was “drowning.” The rescue divers got in the water and rescued them. After that scenario we had breakfast and then went wakeboarding. I landed a 180 for the first time! We then motor sailed to Road Town. I took my VHF radio operator exam on the way and I passed! At Road Town we had some lunch and bought some souvenirs. When we got back to the boat we talked with Mary Jewell. We again motor sailed to the Bight. Upon arriving I studied for my flotilla skipper exam. I kept my fingers crossed and took the exam. I was a fountain of sweat when my skipper told me that I passed! We showered and got ready for dinner. It was a great day!