Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we were allowed to sleep in until 7 o’clock, which is a big difference to our normal time. We had delicious pancakes for breakfast thanks to Mia and Santiago. After breakfast, we played quiz morning. Quiz morning is where someone (Jack) has a riddle book and asks different riddles. We were split into two teams, boys team and girls team. And of course, the girls won! Girl power! After quiz morning we just relaxed until 1130am. At 1130 we got our PFDs on and headed to Road Town. It took us about 20 minutes to get there. When we were there, we grabbed our shoes and money and went into Road Town. We got there and were told we had to be back at the dock at 3 pm. This means that we had 3 hours at Road Town! Yay! Cleo, Mia, Kiara, and I sat down at a restaurant to have a great lunch. After three hours of fun, we got back to our boat and got our PFDs on to go to the Bight. We got to the Bight and started taking showers. After showers, Mia and Santiago made franks and beans for dinner. We started writing cards with nice things for everyone. This was a perfect end to this day.