Location: West End, Tortola

This trip twas a success. I was lucky enough to end up being the skipper on the last day. So now I have to try and do this trip justice with just words and hopefully Oscar’s incredible pictures. This trip meant something different to each person on board. There have been tears and there has been laughter. For me, this trip has been about taking a deep breath and chilling out. For others, it has been empowering for them because of the rigorous nature that this trip is. I truly believe that we all ultimately fell in love with the experience here. Every single second of our seventeen 24 hour days has been spent in bliss. Most of the students showed up strangers, but willing to be open. Now as I write this at the end of our voyage, no one is a stranger but we are still open. This has been a powerful experience in just that fact. There are an infinite amount of outcomes that could’ve happened. The one that did happen though is just right. We are all comfortable with each other, we have all learned countless things, but most importantly we are all happy. I can speak for the entire group on this one. The experiences the people have run into will not be short-lived. These are going to be cherished memories that only the people on board will know the full magnitude of what we have been a part of. It has been fun, sad, happy, and scary, but ultimately it has been loved.