Location: West End, Tortola

Today marks the end of an amazing session and an incredible summer altogether. As our shipmates hopped on to the ferry this morning after we all said our goodbyes, the three of us could not stop talking about all of the memories that were made over the past 17 days and how much everyone grew and transformed into a team. Lindsay finished her open water diving certification Day 2 of the trip by killing it during her open water dives and she was soon already working on her specialty certifications. Her, Gabrielle, Sam, and Molly were a part of the Dolphin team that never seemed to stop studying and was always ready to learn more about the marine environment. Molly improved her watersports skills and even had a try at driving the dinghy during a turtle tagging adventure. From the beginning, Rachel played an essential role in team bonding and made sure that everyone was getting along and working together. Lou always left the group in awe when he announced a profound quote or thought during dinner or the daily squeeze. Benny spent the most time at the helm and always made sure to be a part of getting our vessel from point A to point B. Tyler was on point with his diving skills and was always looking forward to the next wreck dive! Marissa lit up the room with her human sunshine and she stepped up whenever things needed to be done on the boat. Olivia and Cat have been diving together since their open water and continued their training in the rescue program this session where they always brought laughter, positive attitudes, and a strong work ethic to become the best rescue divers possible. Reily was always making funny faces and was one of the fastest rescue students to set up the O2 tank during their rescue scenarios. All of our shipmates even came together for an epic sail race where we were neck in neck with Luna Kahuna as we rounded the corner to the finish line. Everyone was a part of steering our team to our own personal victory and as we look back on these last two weeks we are humbled and so proud of the individuals that we got the opportunity to live alongside and finish out 2017 with a bang!

Thank you for everything and catch you in 2018!

Your crew,
Oscar, Cat, and Lauren